Here are comics that I like.

On my love of comics: Once upon a time, John H. and I tried our hand at writing and drawing comics. Actually we tried twice during our undergraduate years at the University of Illinois. Both times we came up short in the competition, though we received encouraging feedback. At some point I hope to post those comics online. Later still, perhaps I will delve into writing/drawing more comics.

Blue Milk Special: a funny (if sometimes a bit off-color) parody of the entire Star Wars universe of stories, focusing mostly but not solely upon the movies

Buttersafe: a bit of oddball humor, sometimes brilliant

Chuck and Beans: funny comic that sadly has been ended

cartoon connie: amusing slice of life of a woman in NYC who sometimes interacts with an imaginary elephant

Deep, Dark Fears: funny, dark, sometimes disturbing

DEMON: dark, fascinating comic about a man who discovers he is a demon

Sarah's Scribbles: short, funny comics

Girl Genius: steampunk story about the madcap adventures of a girl Spark (mad inventor) -- very humorous; great writing

happle tea: a webcomic about mythology and other things

JL8: funny comic about young JLAers (superheroes)

Hi, I'm Liz: cute, touching, humorous

Lunarbaboon: "a half man/half moon monkey trying to make sense of it all" -- a lot of middle aged parent perspective. Gently humorous.

Minus: quirky, moving, funny, long stories about a girl, minus, who has special powers (ended now :-( but very much worth the read)

Mouetter's SLEIG: a humorous story about a psychic girl who creates her own worlds

Nimona: great story involving knights, science, magic and a special shape-shifting, amoral girl

Sinfest: recurring characters and themes (sometimes adult).

SMBC (Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal): hit or miss humor, sometimes with adult themes

The Awkward Yeti: humorous look into the different parts of the human psyche

XKCD: geeky, clever, romantic and drawn with stick figures

Port Sherry: humorous

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